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Owen Wilson Biography

Owen Wilson is an American actor, producer, screenwriter, and comedian.He was born in November 18, 1968 in a city known as  Dallas, Texas.Wilson attended New Mexico Military Institute and the University of Texas at Austin, where he pursued a Bachelor of Arts degree in English.


Owen Wilson Movie Career

Wilson starred in the 2000 comedy action film Shanghai Noon along side Jackie Chan. The film grossed nearly US$100 million worldwide. His fame continued to rise after starring alongside Ben Stiller and Will Ferrell in the 2001 film Zoolander. Gene Hackman reportedly took notice of Wilson’s performance in Shanghai Noon and recommended the actor to co-star in the 2001 action film Behind Enemy Lines. Also in 2001, Wilson and Anderson collaborated on their third film, The Royal Tenenbaums, a financial and critical success.

In March 2012, Wilson starred in the John Erick Dowdle thriller The Coup, in which he played the role of the father of an American family that moves to Southeast Asia, only to find itself swept up in a wave of rebel violence that is overwhelming the city. Wilson later returned to the action genre for the first time since Behind Enemy Lines in 2001. He also voiced turkey Reggie in Reel FX’s first animated film, Free Birds.In 2014, Wilson appeared in Wes Anderson’s acclaimed ensemble comedy The Grand Budapest Hotel and in Paul Thomas Anderson’s book adaptation of Inherent Vice.] In 2015, he starred with Jennifer Aniston, in Peter Bogdanovich’s film She’s Funny That Way, and in action thriller film No Escape alongside Lake Bell and Pierce Brosnan. Wilson’s films have grossed more than US$2.25  billion domestically (United States and Canada), with an average of US$75M per film.In 2017, Wilson will be co-starring with Ed Helms in Bastards,and will also be working on a sequel to Shanghai Knights, marking his third collaboration with Jackie Chan.Wilson and brother Luke have co-written a Wright Brothers biopic, in which they also plan to star.


Owen Wilson Wife

Wilson is currently dating  Caroline Lindqvist.


Owen Wilson Children

Wilson has two children.


Owen Wilson Age

Owen Wilson is currently 49 yeasr of age.



Owen Wilson Photos

Owen Wilson







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