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Mike Colter Biography

Mike Colter is an American actor best known for his roles as Lemond Bishop in the television series.He was born August 26, 1976.Colter was born in Columbia, South Carolina, and grew up in St. Matthews, South Carolina.He is a graduate of Calhoun County High School.

His senior year, his senior superlative as voted by the class was “most ambitious.”Colter spent a year at Benedict College, before transferring to the University of South Carolina, from where he received a bachelor’s degree in theater in 1999. He obtained an MFA degree in acting from the Rutgers University Mason Gross School of the Arts.

Mike Colter
Mike Colter

Mike Colter Movie Career

Colter’s highest profile role was in the film Million Dollar Baby, in which he portrayed boxer Big Willie Little. He has also guest starred on Law & Order: Trial By JuryLaw and Order: Criminal IntentThe Good WifeER, and The Parkers, as well as several TV movies. He also starred in the series Ringer.

In 2014, Colter began portraying the role of Agent Jameson Locke in the Halo franchise.Colter starred in the series Halo: Nightfall and provided the motion capture for Agent Locke in Halo 5: Guardians while the voice acting is performed by Ike Amadi. He also co-starred as Luke Cage in Jessica Jones, on Netflix. The entire first season was released online on November 20, 2015. This was followed by the character’s individual series, Luke Cage, which was released on September 30, 2016. In December 2016, Netflix announced Luke Cage was renewed for a second season.

Mike Colter Wife

Colter is married to Netflix executive Iva Colter since 2016.

Colter Children

Colter has a daughter  Naiella with his wife Iva .

Mike Colter Awards

In the NAACP Image Award,he was nominated the Outstanding Actor in a Drama Series in the year 2017.

In 2017,he was nominated the best actor on television in the Saturn Awards and also the best hero in the MTV Movie & TV Award.

Mike Colter Body

  • Height:6’1″(196 cm)
  • Weight:94 kg (207 pounds)
  • Chest:45 inches
  • Waist:36 inches
  • Biceps:16 inches

Mike Colter Movies

  • Million Dollar Baby 2004 
  • Brooklyn Lobster 2005 
  • And Then Came Love 2007 
  • Salt 2010
  • Men In Black 3 Colonel 2012
  • Zero Dark Thirty 2012
  • America Is Still the Place 2015 
  • Girls Trip 2017
  • Extinction 2018
  • The Impossible 2018
  • Skin 2019

Mike Colter Tv Shows

  • Marvel’s Jessica Jones 2018
  • Marvel’s The Defenders 2017
  • Marvel’s Luke Cage 2016
  • Agent X 2015
  • Halo: Nightfall 2015
  • The Good Wife 2015
  • The Following 2015
  • American Horror Story: Coven 2014
  • Criminal Minds 2013
  • Ringer 2012
  • Blue Bloods 2011
  • Law & Order: Criminal Intent 2007
  • Law & Order: Trial by Jury 2005
  • Jimmy Kimmel Live 2017
  • Comedy Bang! Bang! 2016
  • Off Camera with Sam Jones 2016
  • The Daily Show With Trevor Noah 2016
  • Conan 2016
  • Last Call with Carson Daly 2016
  • Late Night With Seth Meyers 2016
  • Harry 2016
  • The Wendy Williams Show 2016
  • Chelsea 2016
  • Rachael Ray 2015
  • The Real 2015
  • Home & Family 2014
  • Hollywood Game Night 2017
  • Geeking Out 2016

Mike Colter Jessica Jones

Is Luke Cage In ‘Jessica Jones’ Season 2? Jessica’s ‘Defenders’ Teammate Has A Lot Going On

Updated:Mar 8, 2018 

Part of the fun of having a sprawling cinematic universe is matching up two characters from different franchises and watching them interact. The first season of Jessica Jones paired up the titular heroine with a sidekick/love interest in the bulletproof Luke Cage. But will Luke Cage be in Jessica Jones Season 2? Or is that dynamic duo done with now that Luke has his own Netflix series to call home?

Unfortunately for fans of the character who were hoping to see Mike Colter return to the role before Luke Cage Season 2 premieres in June, it appears that the climactic events of Jessica Jones Season 1 really did break up the band for good. It’s understandable when you stop to remember what went down between the two heroes back in 2015. After sleeping with Luke multiple times, Jessica revealed that, while brainwashed under Kilgrave’s control, she murdered his wife Reva. Then, after a brush with death, Luke forgave Jessica for her transgression — only for it to turn out that Luke was under Kilgrave’s control when he “forgave” her, in order to earn her trust and lure her into a trap. Then, after Kilgrave forced them to fight, Jessica had to put a bullet into Luke’s skull to stop him from killing her.

Thankfully, super-nurse Claire Temple was able to save Luke’s life… but things are pretty irreparable between Jessica and Luke. Sure, they temporarily joined forces to save New York City from The Hand during the events of The Defenders; but don’t expect them to co-star in a buddy comedy anytime soon.

Luke’s presence in Jessica Jones Season 1 did what it was intended to do — introduce viewers to Luke and set him up for his own solo spinoff series — and now that the job’s done, Season 2 is able to move on without him. “My objective from the beginning was to hand him over,” Jessica Jones showrunner Melissa Rosenberg told The Hollywood Reporter in a 2016 interview about Luke’s potential future on her show.

“I was just trying to do it in a way that would make me the happiest, that would be the richest for that,” Rosenberg continued. “The thing I’m most sad about is to not work with Mike Colter every day. That was a really great collaboration, and Krysten [Ritter] and Mike had a real special bond and chemistry. We’ll miss him in that regard. But from the beginning, we were like teachers in an elementary school, getting him ready to pass him on to the next show and making sure we’ve done all we can to set him up as best as we can.”


Luke Cage Netflix Mike Colter

‘On Their Shoulders’: Mike Colter talks ‘Luke Cage’ and why he doesn’t consider him a black superhero

Updated:Feb 16, 2018

In celebration of Black History Month, “Good Morning America” presents “On Their Shoulders,” a series featuring actors, musicians, athletes and newsmakers who share tributes to those who paved the way for them.

Mike Colter believes that everyone is “a product of your environment.”

The star of Marvel’s “Luke Cage” was raised in St. Matthews, South Carolina, by parents who he said made tremendous sacrifices so he could have a better chance at success.

In fact, his father, Eddie Lee Sr., didn’t graduate from high school. He had to drop out after his own father passed away “early,” Colter said.

“He took on the role of provider. He sacrificed a lot. So I understand the work ethic,” the actor continued. “There’s no shortcuts. There’s no easy way to do it.”

Meanwhile, his mother, Freddie Colter, had her own dreams of stardom.

“She wanted to be an actress. It didn’t happen for her so I felt like in some way I’ve sort of lived out her dream for her,” Colter said. “I’m in a lucky position, and I sort of have to be thankful.”

One way that Colter is saying thank you — in the spirit of Black History Month — is honoring those who’ve “paved the way before me,” he said.

Colter honored several “African-Americans who fought for fairness, equality and representation,” such as legendary actors Hattie McDaniel, Sidney Poitier and Harry Belafonte, in “On Their Shoulders,” “Good Morning America”‘s series, honoring Black History Month.

In “On Their Shoulders,” Colter also honored a man he works very closely with on Marvel’s “Luke Cage,” which is coming out with a second season this year.

The actor said showrunner Cheo Hodari Coker is “the mastermind” behind the Netflix series, and is making history by “producing Marvel’s first TV show centered on a black superhero.”

Colter tries not to describe his character as such often, however.

“I never think about him as a black superhero. I just think of him as a superhero. I don’t even think of him as a superhero, actually,” he clarified. “I kind of just think about him as a guy who’s been given these abilities that really don’t make his life that much easier — and he happens to be black.”

Colter believes that it’s not enough that there’s diverse representation on screens big and small, the actor said Hollywood must shift to a place where it’s offering a variety of roles for black men.


Mike Colter Luke Cage

How Mike Colter Got Ripped for ‘Luke Cage’

Updated:Feb 16, 2018

These days when we hear that an actor has gained 35 pounds of muscle to play a superhero role, we envision a bullpen of Hollywood trainers and a round-the-clock nutritionist feeding them meals by hand. Not so for Mike Colter, who plays the title character in the new Netflix series Luke Cage, who got massive with a bit of googling and a whole lot of time in the gym.

“The first day I went to the gym to train I was technically on vacation in Paris, but I wanted to get started right away because I knew it would be a lot of work,” says Colter. Before getting cast, the 40-year-old actor had avoided building too much muscle around his 6-foot-3 frame, in a calculated effort to keep the door open for a more diverse set of film roles. “I’m always eating right, but I wasn’t really training, and I was walking around pretty slim,” he says. “Then all of a sudden I needed to be popping out of my shirt.”

ALSO: How Will Smith Got an 8-Pack for ‘Suicide Squad’
Colter took the first steps by opening up his laptop and devouring all of the fitness knowledge he could find online. From there, he pushed through late-night sessions at the gym, all while powering through back pain due to sciatica. The result is undeniable, with fans warmly embracing the series and the portrayal of its protagonist. So much so that Netflix’s streaming service was shut down by the amount of traffic after its release. Colter shared with us how he survived a year of training himself and how he’s preparing for the potential of a second season.

How was it to walk into that audition room?

I knew that going in there I wanted my take on the character to either be dead on, or dead wrong. Sometimes you get a second chance at a role, but I didn’t want to go in with that mentality. They had a good idea of what they wanted, and when I walked in, it all just sort of clicked. I really don’t know how to articulate how it happened.


Mike Colter Workout

he Luke Cage Workout and Diet Plan: How Mike Colter prepared for his Netflix Original

Updated:September 30, 2016.
I won’t lie, Mike Colter makes a pretty convincing Luke Cage.

Well done Netflix. Well done.

I usually find myself reforming my original idea of the superhero into the newly found actor that they’re screened as. In this case, of course I’ll still do that, but it doesn’t take much!

You can probably think back to when we saw workouts from Jason Mamoa (Aquaman/Khal Drogo/Conan), Manu Bennett (Deathstroke), and Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman). The three of these superheroes love to incorporate an active lifestyle into their fitness regime. We’re going to be seeing the same thing with our new Luke Cage.

Colter tells Foods4BetterHealth that he likes including swimming, intense cardio training, and basketball in his routine. He speaks of switching up the way he thinks about training due to an injury and his different approach to strength training:

He felt that he needed to shock his body into getting fit the right way. Colter’s first workout plan caused him to over lift and hurt his shoulder, and sustaining that injury caused him to rethink his workout plan for the role.

Colter is not a fan of the traditional gym workouts that other actors do. He doesn’t want to just spend his time in a weight room strength training; he prefers to mix it up with other exercises, including swimming, cardio training, and playing basketball.

Hey, I’m all for these types of routine.

I’ll take any chance I can get at creating workouts that allow for hiking, active sports, and a different form of circuit training.

It’s a bit different than his fellow Marvel Netflix Original stud Charlie Cox, but if you’re trying to look like Daredevil I guess you can head over there!

Of course Mike Colter can bulk up, we’ve seen him in Million Dollar Baby, and we also see his physique as Luke Cage, but he’s also been quoted by TheGeekTwins saying:

I remember going to some auditions – I am a 6’3, African American, baldheaded guy, I mean automatically, if I am a certain size people are going to look at me a certain way. I understood that there are lot of people who can do this kind of thing. So my little interpretation of this that if I really try to navigate my career in a different, perhaps I can find unique success. I knew that was an issue, so I decided to stay away from the weight room. I like to work out but I knew that if I look 225 lbs., well you know visually it would put me in a certain category.

So taking his shoulder injury and career into consideration, it shows us why Mike Colter finds other ways to keep his superhero physique. Judging by his size, I’m going to go out on a limb and say he might use some free weights occasionally. But, don’t quote me on that. I also found that for his Luke Cage role he decided to put on the mass first and then add in severe cardio, so this may also be a factor.

For those of you who need to bulk first, considering this will have a different training split to it, you can check out the Workout Database for bulking workouts, or Skip Go and head straight to Tom Hardy’s Bane routine.

Mike Colter’s Diet and Nutrition
Just like we already know is true with our own physiques, Colter attributes 75% of his to that of his diet and nutrition. Colter avoids bad foods (in which from his description we see are mainly starchy carbs and sugar), and eats a diet high in protein. He says the high protein diet is able to keep his muscle growth, while the lack in carbs support his lean physique.

Sounds familiar, eh?

We’re seeing more and more people turn to diets with this Paleo style. We’ve seen Brandon Routh (The Atom/Superman) go full paleo, and people like Zac Efron who take an approach similar to Colter.

While Colter tells us the main outline of his diet, he doesn’t tell us that he is exactly as strict as Efron, which leaves me reason to believe he might also incorporate some “cheats”. For this reason I would suggest utilizing cyclical ketosis and carb reloading if you’re looking to do the same.
The Luke Cage Workout Routine – Mike Colter Style
Like I’ve mentioned, Colter already had bulked up for a strong physique in the past and utilized that to incorporate cardio and athletic activity to then become lean. If you’re going to need to bulk, you’ll probably want to check out the Workout Database for a full bulking routine (or even one that utilizes weight training as a source for getting lean).


Mike Colter Video






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