Vince Moua (Survivor) Bio, Age, Height, Family, Survivor 39, Island of the Idols

Vince Moua is an Admissions Counselor from Palo Alto, California and a contestant in season 39 CBS’ reality show Survivor.

Vince Moua Age

Moua was born in 1992 in Merced, California, United States. He is 27 years old as of 2019.

Vince Moua Height

Details about his height are not known.

Vince Moua Survivor

Vince Moua Family

Moua’s family is fully behind him in this competition and they believe he can win it. Although he did not reveal more information about them, they believe he will be the winner.

Vince Moua Survivor

Speaking about his motivation, he stated that, he came to Survivor to show minority young folk and people across the world that they matter, that their stories and narratives are important and that they should never doubt their existence regardless of what others say about them.

Survivor has been an integral part of his life and showed himthat a child from Merced could dream of traveling abroad, take big risks and be more than another statistic. Moua hopes that winning the title of “Sole Survivor” will inspire other kids accross the world to challenge the oppressive systems and institutions that seek to keep them down!

He believes he can survive because he has accumulated grit from the challenges that he has faced throughout his life and has always been able to gain the trust and confidence of others. Moua believes he can use his unassuming image and 209 vernacular to fool others into believing that he is not an immediate threat.

However, Moua being a pretty crafty person believes he will be able to use his smarts to create plans and execute votes that will eliminate anyone his feel is a threat to his game (if you’re not with me, you’re dead to me).

Moua also understands how to deal with big egos and personal quirks and can use his social skills to build confidence among all characters. Lastly, he has got quite a mouth and can smack the Jury with an award-winning final Tribal Council speech to guarantee my win.