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Who is Robyn Curnow?

Robyn Curnow is a South African journalist and news anchor who currently anchors CNN International’s International Desk at 11 am Monday through Friday. 

Detailed Robyn Curnow Biography

The program is a fast-moving news show which showcases CNN’s global reach by going live to CNN’s reporters around the world and tracks the day-by-day developments of the Trump presidency and Russian investigation for CNN’s international viewers.

Curnow graduated in International Relations from Cambridge University with a master’s degree. Curnow was born in Australia and raised in South Africa and is the granddaughter of Springbok cricketer Syd Curnow.

Before joining CNN, she was a reporter for the BBC and for the South African Broadcasting Corporation in the Mandela era. Curnow began reporting for CNN in 2001 in London, covering the UK and Europe. Curnow is currently based in Atlanta, at CNN’s World headquarters. She was previously CNN’s correspondent in Africa, based in Johannesburg, where she reported on a variety of stories including the soccer World Cup, HIV/AIDS epidemic, political scandals involving South African President Jacob Zuma and Boko Haram. Curnow traveled extensively on the continent and reported from Zimbabwe on human rights abuses and corruption.

While based in South Africa, she led CNN’s coverage of Nelson Mandela’s ill health, death and reported live from his funeral. She had a long association with Mandela, where she interviewed him a number of times during and after his presidency. Her conversation with him on his 90th birthday was the last interview he gave. Curnow also covered Oscar Pistorius before and after he was convicted of his girlfriend’s Murder, Reeva Steenkamp. Her reports featured exclusive footage and interviews with Pistorius and his inner circle.

In October 2016, when coalition forces launched the Mosul offensive in Iraq, Curnow anchored the coverage, which contributed to a News and Documentary Emmy nomination for CNN. Curnow also anchored CNN’s coverage of the fall of Zimbabwe’s longtime leader Robert Mugabe and anchored hours of rolling news with correspondents in Harare and around the region for which CNN won the Royal Television Society Award for Best Breaking News coverage.

Curnow was in Havana for two key events: U.S. President Barack Obama’s historic trip to Cuba in 2016 and then the death of Fidel Castro. She interviewed former U.S. President George W. Bush and his wife, Laura, when they visited Zambia on a charity trip after his presidency. During the interview, President Bush called Edward Snowden a traitor.

Separately, Curnow has interviewed Bill Clinton, former U.S. President. She had an extensive sit-down interview with Michelle Obama, former First Lady during her visit to Africa. Curnow also interviewed Oprah Winfrey at her girls’ school outside Johannesburg and spent time with Archbishop Desmond Tutu, reporting on his criticisms of the ruling ANC party in South Africa.

She has written for Vogue magazine, Marie Clare magazine and The International Herald Tribune. Curnow is an advocate for people who stutter and has written about her family’s struggles with the speech impediment for the Washington Post.

What is Robyn Curnow Age?

Curnow was born in 1972.

Who’re Robyn Curnow Family Members?

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Who’re Robyn Curnow Children?

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Who’s Robyn Curnow Husband?

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What is Robyn Curnow Net Worth 2020?

Curnow has an estimated net worth of around $1 million.

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