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Hari Sreenivasan Biography

Hariharan Sreenivasan better known as Hari Sreenivasan is an American broadcast journalist. He was born in 1974 in Mumbai, India into a Brahmin Tamil family.

He immigrated into the USA when he was 7 years old. He attended Nathan Hale High School in Seattle, Washington. Here, he became a radio disc jockey.

He interned for several TV news stations in Washington while he was still at the University of Puget Sound while he was still pursuing his degree in Mass Communication in 1995. He became a full US citizen in September 2008.

Hari Sreenivasan Age

He was born in 1974 in Mumbai, India into a Brahmin Tamil family. He is 45 years old.

Hari Sreenivasan

Hari Sreenivasan Wife

He is married to Sucheta Sachdev, a musical supervisor.

Hari Sreenivasan Net Worth

He has an estimated net worth of $ 5 million.

Hari Sreenivasan Career | Hari Sreenivasan PBS | Hari Sreenivasan CBS

In 1995, he was hired full time by the then NBC affiliate, WNCN-TV that was located in Raleigh, North Carolina. Hari then moved to San Francisco, California where he was working for CNET. He used to cover the high tech sector. He then joined ABC News in New York City in 2004 as a correspondent.

He then became a co-anchor working with Taina Hernandez. He also concurrently co-hosted with Jake Tapper, in the behind the scenes podcast, ABC News Shuffle. He also used to work for CBS News’ Dallas bureau as a correspondent. He then became an online/on-air correspondent for The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer in 2009.

He used to deliver broadcast news summary and end of the hour recap. Hari was also leading the show’s blog. Hari became the anchor for PBS NewsHour Weekend that was made at the Tisch WNET studios located at Lincoln Center in Manhattan.

He is a substitute anchor for PBS NewsHour during weekdays when Judy Woodruff is away or is on an assignment. Miss America 2014 Nina Davuluri and Sreenivasan hosted a talk given by Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India, on September 28, 2014, at Madison Square Garden in Midtown Manhattan, in front of an audience of over 18,000. This was Modi’s first visit to the United States since he had been denied a visa in 2005.

Sreenivasan also anchors SciTech Now, a science program produced by WLIW 21, a WNET sister station and PBS affiliate on Long Island and is a correspondent for Amanpour & Company based out of the WNET studios in Manhattan.

Hari Sreenivasan SciTech Now

He is an anchor for SciTech Now which is a science program that is produced by WLIW 21. This is a sister station and also an affiliate of PBS on Long Island. Host Hari Sreenivasan explores topics such as technology, scientific discovery, and innovation.

First episode date: 25 September 2014
Network: Public Broadcasting Service

Hari Sreenivasan Health | What a year of tracking his sleep taught him about sleep

It’s 3:45 a.m. as I compose this. The greater part of Americans reviewed this spring report excellent or great rest quality. Not me. Contingent upon when you ask, I’d likely fall into the 36 percent who rate their rest “reasonable” or even the 13 percent who rate it out and out poor. In any case, I’ve been chipping away at it.

Very nearly two years prior, we did a story on body evaluation: individuals who use biofeedback sensors to gauge everything, from the number of steps they take to how and when they consume each calorie, to how they rest. It took me a half year, however, I, at last, collapsed and purchased a savvy that would give an unpleasant thought of a portion of these things with an end goal to turn out to be progressively sound.

Do we overestimate what amount of rest we need? Hari Sreenivasan reports.

I’ll credit a portion of my weight-reduction a year ago (however I have to get progressively centered around it once more) with the capacity to picture my very own information. Perceiving what number of calories I consumed on my bicycle rides to and from work helped prime me toward more advantageous propensities the remainder of the day. In any case, the most fascinating bits were the rest information.

This watch estimates my developments, my skin temperature, my sweat, and even endeavors to get a proportion of my pulse, consolidates every one of those and produces a definite picture of how I rest (or don’t). I can see at an exceptionally granular level when I move during the evening if my rest is intruded, when I was in various periods of rest (REM/light/profound), and it even gives me a convenient score.

What I began doing was attempting to figure out those scores. I had to recognize what was going on before those evenings of high scores and great rest, and what was going on before the awful evenings. This is what I found.

These were my relationships for high-scoring rest:

  • any sort of strenuous physical activity during the day — like a run or a bike ride
  • not eating late at night, especially no spicy foods
  • not checking my smartphone or computer screen right before bed
  • a hot shower right before bed
  • sleeping with the windows open or in a cold room

And for low-scoring sleep:

  • time zone shifts/ flights
  • lack of exercise during the day
  • late night computing/smart-phoning
  • late-night meal especially if it is spicy or very sweet
  • sleeping pill

Breaking the dozing pill brace was one of the primary significant changes I made, on account of the information. What I saw was that while I certainly rest longer in the wake of taking a pill, I don’t rest better.

For me, the additional time is by all accounts spent for the most part in light rest versus profound rest or REM rest, and I never wake up inclination revived. Rest specialists likewise bring up that psychological social treatment is as fruitful if not more so than taking pills, with no of the long haul reactions.

As the rest issue master I talked with for this story let me know, rest doesn’t care for a financial balance. I can’t make shortages all week and after that hope to renew myself on my days off. It takes our bodies a day to three days to recoup from every night of terrible rest. Ideally, the following three evenings will regard me.

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