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Chris Lawrence Biography

Chris Lawrence is an African-American professional reporter and news anchor. He is a full American citizen as he was born in the USA. He has worked in several TV stations such as CNN, WFAA, NBC, CBS,NEWSPATH and WXYZ among others. In his reporting career, Chris Lawrence has been able to win several awards such as The Emmy nomination for best sport news and the Syracuse Press Club award for best news feature.

He was also in the navy reserve, enlisted when he was at the age of 18 and was a veteran. He is also quite a sports lover and even said to have ran the Honolulu and Chicago marathon and is planning to ran one in Texas.

Chris Lawrence Family

The news reporter is currently living in a happy marriage that has not witnessed any drama ever since. He has decided to keep his partner under the radar.The couple has three kids, a boy and two girls, who as of 2019 are below the age of 8. It is also known that his father worked for the county while his mom worked as a public school teacher.

Chris Lawrence CNN

Chris Lawrence joined CNN in the year 2004. Following his experience as a veteran in the navy, he was able to do reports on Nation defence. As a reporter of his kind, Chris Lawrence was able to do coverage of several captivating stories such as Osama Bin Laden’s death.


he was also able to go to Pakistan and Israel to do a coverage on Israel Hezbollah conflict. As the risk taker that he is, he also went to Iraq with the troops as they fought the insurgency in the Sunni Triangle.

Hurricane Katrina

Additionally, he did a report following Hurricane Katrina, where his reporting on the aftermath contribute to the network’s George Peabody award winning coverage

Chris Lawrence

Chris Lawrence at WFAA

WFAA reporter, John McCaa announced his retirement for March. Following the news anchor’s exceptional work, the reporter was called in to replace John after his retirement. As of 2019 ,Chris Lawrence is to be a co-anchor with Cynthia Izaguirre and is to be reporting the evening news. Mr. Lawrence appreciates his opportunity in WFAA and recognizes them as family from the moment he walked in.

Chris Lawrence at  NBC4

The news anchor reporter joined the station on January 20 2019.He is doing the weekend edition at 6pm and 11pm .The vice president of NBC, Michael Godrick, also put out a good word about him when he said that Chris had proven himself to be a 1 st class reporter, The reporter has also put himself out there as a role model to many young people who look up to being in such a career despite the challenges that come along.

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