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Kate Bilo Biography

Kate Bilo is an American media personality who is a meteorologist at CBS3 Eye Witness News. She was born in Phoenixville, Philadelphia, United States.

Kate holds a double undergraduate degree. A Bachelor of Science degree in Spanish and International Business from Penn State University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Geosciences from Mississippi State University.

Kate Bilo Age

Kate was born on 20 June 1986 in Phoenixville, Philadelphia, United States.

Kate Bilo Husband

Kate is married to Scott Eby, a senior software engineer by profession. The couple got married on 31 August 2007. They had dated five years prior to their marriage. The couple has three children. The first two are boys while the third one is a girl named Solenne Marit Elisabeth born on May 31, 2017.

Kate Bilo Measurements

Kate has a height of 5 Feet 4 Inches which translates to 162cm.

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Kate Bilo CBS

In October 2010, Kate joined CBS 3 as a chief meteorologist for Eyewitness News weather team. She now works in CBS 3 as a morning and noon meteorologist. Kate currently earns an estimated average salary of $77,592 as a chief meteorologist at CBS3.

Kate began her career as a meteorologist as early as in college. She used to work for AccuWeather to manage the fee for college. From 2005 through 2010, Kate provided weather forecast to the AccuWeather clients that include FOX News, CNBC, and ABC.

After working for AccuWeather for six years, she also joined Bloomberg Television Network in 2010 as a morning weather anchor.

Kate Bilo Death Threat

Months before Kate gave birth to her second baby, she was threatened through Twitter messages by a Lansdowne, Pennsylvania man. The man declared that he would kill her in front of her son Leo. However, the man was tracked down and is sentenced to five years in federal prison.

Kate Bilo Winter Forecast

Kate Bilo News


The Delaware Valley is in for some severe weather as many observe Passover and Easter.

“Biggest threat for us will be intense downpours, these sheets of rain coming down with these storms,” said CBS3 meteorologist Kate Bilo.

Bilo says that’s what we can expect in our area as we head into Saturday. All of this weather is due to severe storms in the south. There will be damaging winds, but not widespread, Bilo says.

“Isolated areas that get stuck under the heaviest downpours that could deal with an inch of rain a half hour and that could lead to ponding on the roads, that could lead to those smaller streams and creeks breaching their banks,” she said.

This won’t be as severe as last weekend’s intense weather, but Bilo urges caution on the roads if you have to head out.

The good news, the holiday won’t be an entire washout as things will look to get better on Saturday.

“If you want to get outside with the kids, if you want to do some traveling the afternoon looks good. Then Sunday starts off with sun so for folks attending sunrise services the morning maybe a couple scattered showers in the afternoon.”

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