Patrick Nolan Biography, Early Life, Fox 4 News, Yoga, and Twitter

Patrick Nolan Biography

Patrick Nolan is an American anchor for FOX 4 news. He is based in Southwest Florida. He was born and raised in a humble home in Miami. He is also a certified Yoga and Swim instructor.

Outside journalism and media, he likes spending his time at the tennis court or the pool. He also likes kayak, bike, hike, and teaching or practicing meditation and yoga (including hot yoga).

Patrick Nolan Early Life

Patrick was born and raised in Miami to a humble family as was stated before. One of the most significant facts he remembers about his home is that there was no air conditioning despite the high temperatures in Miami. His father was an ironworker whereas his mother was a P.E. teacher. The family decided to move up north where his dad found work every summer. The car is also noted not to have A/C. The summers were long for him. This was because he was the youngest of six children who were jammed into a pick-up truck.

Through these adventures, they stayed in tents all over the country. This experience taught him that all things matter, and everyone and every place has a story to tell. Years later, he attended the University of Florida. Then, graduate school in Australia for a year.

Patrick Nolan Career


Patrick has been working for FOX 4 news for over 15 years. He has covered a wide variety of topics ranging from natural disasters and terrorist attacks. Patrick Nolan provides his viewers with authoritative, entertaining, and informative news every night on the station. He has admitted that the position he holds at FOX 4 makes him feel very humble. FOX 4 News hasn’t however been the only channel he has worked for. After graduating from university, he did some jobs in other areas before settling in FOX 4.


He also has a yoga practice. He started doing yoga after suffering back pains at age 30. His doctors told him that he had the spine of an 80-year-old. He was advised by his brother, a therapist, to try yoga. At first, he hated it, but after a year his back was fine. He then began swimming. Now, he is a certified Red Cross swim instructor. After a while looking for yoga that fits well with his busy and active life, he found out about hot yoga. At the time, he is also a certified Yoga instructor.

Patrick Nolan, anchor at Fox 4 News