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Amber Philips Biography

Amber Philips is a reporter, journalist, and writer who works for The Fix in Washington D.C. writes about politics for The Fix. She was previously the one-woman D.C. bureau for the Las Vegas Sun and has reported from Boston and Taiwan.

Amber has not shared a lot when it comes to her childhood, so there is little to report on her upbringing or her early days.
She is originally from Austin, Texas & has a younger sister Kelly who is a TCU graduate. She met her husband, Jeffrey Phillips while the two were part of the Fund for American Studies (TFAS) during college.

They began dating towards the end of a program they were partaking in called IJP and dated long-distance when she was in Spain and he was in Thailand. Amber and Jeffrey tied the knot on the 1st of June, 2013 at the groom’s family house, which is located close to Boston, Massachusetts. Jeff is a scholar with experience teaching abroad and working in International Economics. The duo currently resides in Washington D.C.

Amber Phillips Age

Her Exact Date of Birth is still Under investigation And we will soon update when information Is Available.In 2017, Philips took offense to Senator Bernie Sanders’ tweets referring to current USA president, Donald Trump as a liar. She wrote a letter countering his tweets, which eventually caught the eye of Senator Sanders who responded swiftly. Her maiden name is Parcher but she prefers to use her married name, Philips, on social media and professionally.

She is very active on social media and uses it as a platform to give her opinions on various political and social issues. She often calls out political and public figures when she disagrees with their opinions or she feels they are misleading the general public.

Amber Phillips Image

Amber Phillips

Phillips Height

Philips Stands at a Fair Height And has a Fair Body weight to march Her body Height.

Amber Phillips Salary

Her Exact Networthy and Earnings are Still Under Investigation. Though it is Assumed That She Earns a Top percentile in her line Of Professional.

Amber Phillips Washington Post

After graduating from university, Philips began working as a Journalist in Washington D.C. and reported on behalf of the Washington branch of the Las Vegas Sun in Taiwan and Boston.She also worked for the Washington Post as a freelance writer and reporter in addition to covering articles for publications such as The Christian Science Monitor, Foreign policy (dot) com, The Monocle Magazine as well as various Taiwanese publications.

While living in Massachusetts, Philips was a part of the Daily Item team. She also worked for Project Thunderdome as part of the Digital First Media, bringing breaking news bulletins to various local publications across the USA directly from Washington D.C.Amber currently works for The Fix team in Washington D.C. as a reporter, writer, and journalist. She focuses mainly on writing about various important political events in addition to covering Congressional issues.

Amber Phillips Linkedin

As of May 2015, I am a staff writer for The Fix politics blog at The Washington Post. I focus on helping explain all things politics for the average reader.

In 2014, I was the Washington correspondent for the Las Vegas Sun, where I covered the Nevada delegation as the one-woman DC bureau for the award-winning paper, magazine and website.

Before that, I wrote about national politics in the digital age for the DC bureau of Digital First Media’s centralized news team, known as Thunderdome.

I also have experience covering East Asian politics, economics, diplomacy, US-China relations, human rights and travel.

When I was based in Taiwan in 2010-2011, I chased typhoons and potential tsunamis, interviewed presidents and presidential candidates, covered China and Taiwan’s free-trade agreement negotiations and explored off the beaten track for travel and food features. I have bylines in The Washington Post,, Christian Science Monitor, Monocle Magazine, National Geographic Traveler blog, Taiwan Business Topics Magazine and Taipei Times. I’ve also covered Capitol Hill as a reporter and intern in Washington, DC.

From 2011-2013, I managed the website for a 134-year-old family owned daily newspaper in metro Boston, where I created multimedia, spearheaded web content and played a pivotal role in transitioning the paper to a pay wall. I also regularly chatted live with hosts of Monocle Magazine’s 24-hour internet radio station, Monocle 24, about goings-on in Boston.

Amber Phillips Feminist

Writer and activist Amber J. Phillips documented on Twitter a disturbing incident she recently endured on an American Airlines flight.

The 28-year-old was on a short, 45-minute commuter flight from North Carolina to D.C. when she found herself in close quarters with her white, female seatmate. According to Phillips, the woman repeatedly moved Phillips’ arm, pushing her into the window and also demanded that Phillips move so as not to touch her.
After Phillips videoed her seatmate, she made her way to the airport shuttle, but police officers met her there and forced Phillips off the shuttle to question her about the woman’s assault allegations.

Phillips says that after an uncomfortable interaction with the police, she left the airport with no arrest, no charges, but also no apologies. It was a chilling experience for her as she imagined the many different ways that her story could have ended.

American Airlines customer service representatives have yet to reach out to Phillips, or vice-versa, to discuss the incident.

Being Fat and Black with Dignity

Phillips, who is 5’10 and describes herself as having a “fat Black body,” believes it was her race as well as her size that made her a target in this situation.

“I know for sure this happens to people all the time. My friends and I talk about the anxiety we feel when we fly. Who sits next to you determines if it will be a pleasant experience or an awful experience. Does the person sitting next to me automatically hate me because of my size, race, or gender?” asks Phillips. “I have a right to be in this world. Body shaming doesn’t stop and start at my clothing options.”

Amber Phillips American Airlines

Amber Phillips stepped on an American Airlines flight from Raleigh-Durham to Washington on Thursday evening and immediately noticed how small the plane was. There were 65 seats, just two in each row.

When Phillips sat down, her arm rested next to that of the passenger in the adjacent seat, she said. Their arms were touching.

“I was thinking, I really hope she doesn’t treat me mean,” said Phillips, 28, who lives in Washington. “She was fidgeting, and finally she looks at me and goes, ‘Can you move over?’ ”

Phillips told her: “No, I actually can’t. I’m in the window seat.”

Phillips said she noticed the woman was growing increasingly annoyed at the tight space they were in.
“I wasn’t going to say anything because I know how hard it is for people who are perceived as fat to say, ‘I was mistreated,’ ” said Phillips, who shared her experience in a series of viral tweets, including one that said, “The cops were called on me for flying while fat & Black.”
But soon, Phillips decided not to hold her tongue. As the flight progressed, the woman rested her ankle on her own her knee, so the bottom of her foot was facing Phillips, she said.

Phillips said she felt that the woman was trying to push her closer to the window.

“I said, ‘you’re being awful, don’t let the bottom of your foot touch me,’ ” Phillips said.

The woman, Phillips said, responded.

“She turned my words and said I was being mean,” said Phillips, co-host of the podcast “The Black Joy Mixtape.”

Things were tense.

“The whole time I was sitting there I was trying not to cry,” Phillips said. “I dropped my headphones, and I was afraid to pick them up.”

Phillips said she then grabbed her cellphone and started recording the woman on the plane. The woman tried to block her face from Phillips’s camera. Then the woman complained to a flight attendant about Phillips, she said.