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Ann Sterling Biography

Ann Sterling is an American morning news reporter for WTMJ-TV Milwaukee, also called Today’s TMJ 4. She has had an extensive media career and travels all over the country but feels most at home in Wisconsin.

Ann Sterling Age

Ann was born in Delray Beach however, she has not disclosed the detail about her birth date. She holds an American nationality and belongs to white ethnic background. We are doing follow-ups on her birth dates and we will update as soon as we get them.

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Ann Sterling Family

We have no records regarding her parents and siblings.

Ann Sterling Husband | Ann Sterling Children

Ann Sterling is married. In 2015, when she was working in Hawaii, Ann engaged her boyfriend, Jarrod, for several years. Their engagement was part of the reason she used the renovation of KITV as an opportunity to go back to the states. On January 9, 2017, she tied the knot with her husband Jarrod and their wedding ceremony took place on the bank of a sea in an open beach.
Sterling currently has two kids, the eldest being a son named Kaden. Sterling gave birth to her second son, Kolton, in March 2017. The family currently lives in Milwaukee.

Ann Sterling Education

Ann attended the University of South Florida where she worked in the media department of the university. She eventually graduated with a Bachelor of Communications degree and began her career shortly afterward.

Ann Sterling Career

Sterling’s career has taken her to every corner of the nation, from coast to coast and even Hawaii. One of her first major jobs was at Fox 23, where she was working as an anchor for the morning news. From daily stories to celebrity reports and criminal investigations, she covered everything.

Ann left FOX 23 in 2011 and headed to Salt Lake City, Utah. There she hosted her own morning show for KTVX TV. The morning show was called Good Things Utah and used a panel of four women to talk about new products, celebrity news, and other relevant events. They covered topics ranging from popular Pinterest to sacred baby names.

The station fell under new management in 2013 and many reporters and anchors were reassigned. Sterling was told by the station that they wanted to switch her to a reporter position and ax the morning show. Instead of taking up the new position, Ann decided to cut her losses and take a job elsewhere.

Shortly after leaving Utah, Ann headed to Honolulu and got a job at KITV, an ABC affiliate. She reported on local stories around Honolulu and also worked as a co-anchor in the morning.
In 2015, with their technology, KITV underwent a major renovation and also used the time to reorganize their staff.

Some part-time positions were cut, and some anchors used the time as an opportunity to end their contracts. One of those anchors was Sterling. After a few years of working there, she decided to return to the states, but says she definitely doesn’t regret the time she took there.

After leaving Hawaii, Sterling headed to the Midwest’s largest city: Milwaukee. She now has a position for Today’s TMJ 4 as a morning anchor. Sterling also appears occasionally on their radio affiliate, WTMJ-AM, where she gives interviews and comments on local issues.

Ann Sterling Net Worth

Ann Sterling earns a great deal of money from her professional career as a journalist. Throughout her career she has worked for various networks so she could earn a fabulous amount of net worth. As of now, the net value of Ann is expected to exceed six-digit figures. In addition, a morning news anchor’s average salary is around $55,258 and she is expected to receive over $70 thousand in salary as a famous morning reporter.

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