April Warnecke Biography, Age, Family, Husband, Net Worth, 3TV

April Warnecke Biography

April Warnecke is an Emmy-winning American broadcasting meteorologist. Since 2005 she has served for 3TV and CBS5 while on weekday mornings she can be seen presenting weather forecasts on “Good Morning Arizona” on 3TV.

April Warnecke Age

April was born in 1978  in Valley, Arizona. She is about 41 years old as of 2019. She is of American Nationality and of white ethnicity.

April Warnecke Measurements

April Warnecke stands with a stunning height and significant weight. She has a curvy hourglass-shaped body that makes her look warm in anything, particularly in bodycon clothes and jumpsuits.

Arizona’s pride, April always manages to look flawless on the television screen with her graceful presentation and fascinating beauty. Her fascinating appearance, impeccable character, and sophisticated sense of dressing make news program more watchable and exciting.

This blonde beau is growing much younger with age, though she hasn’t disclosed her real date of birth. She has an impressive bright smile, a sassy attitude, and mostly a positive attitude for everything.

She has a radiant glowing fair complexion, sparkling gray eyes, and a unique image of her glossy blonde hair sketch. The secret behind her smoldering figure is her determination to work religiously and eat good food.

April Warnecke Photo

April Warnecke Family

She is extremely familiar with her native’s interesting weather, which has greatly helped her in her professional career. Growing up, she used to go fishing with her father at Lake Powell. No much details have been revealed concerning her parents and siblings.

April Warnecke Husband | April Warnecke Mark Mcclune

Warnecke is married to her co-anchor Mark Mcclune. The couple met back in 2000 in Medford both from college as they started their broadcasting careers at the same CBS affiliate. Mark was the weekend sports anchor and April was the morning news anchor then.

Thereafter they have worked in different stations but Funny enough, when Meredith Corp, which owns CBS5, bought 3TV a few years ago, they ended up working at the same company again. Back where they started, across the newsroom from each other. In this case, they really are Arizona’s Family. They have been together for about 13 years as of 2019. She currently lives in Arizona along with her husband and their two kids. Despite her hectic work schedule, Warnecke gets her time to stay with her family and travel to various places with them. She is a huge supporter of the Arizona Cardinals and enjoys involving in outdoor sports such as basketball, fishing, and hiking.

April Warnecke Children

April and her husband have two sons and love getting outdoors, traveling around Arizona and being involved in this great community they proudly call home.

April Warnecke Education

She attended the Gilbert High School in her hometown and graduated with excellent scores. Later, she joined the University of Arizona in Tucson from where she graduated with a bachelor degree in Journalism and Meteorology in 2000.

April Warnecke Career

April started working at “3TV” in 2005. She also worked on television stations such as “KASW-TV,” “WVUE-DT” (Of New Orleans), “WAFF” (a NBC television network affiliate in Alabama), “WCSC-TV” (a CBS affiliate in South Carolina), “KPLC” (a Louisiana-based NBC affiliate) and “WOIO-TV” in Cleveland. As of 2019, April is a weather forecaster for Good Morning Arizona on 3TV.

She loves forecasting monsoon storms and says the unpredictability of the season is what makes it exciting. From graupel, hail and dust storms to flash flooding and lightning, our Arizona weather is so unique.

April Warnecke Net Worth

April Warnecke net worth and salary are still under review, but the renowned journalist has undoubtedly raised a good amount of money on the basis of her groundbreaking reports and popularity.

Warnecke, the award-winning meteorologist, has gained intense fame along with impressive fortunes through her brilliant broadcasting career.

April Warnecke 3tv

Since 2005 she has served for 3TV and CBS5 while on weekday mornings she can be seen presenting weather forecasts on “Good Morning Arizona” on 3TV.

April Warnecke Clothes

In 2015, a dress used by almost all meteorologists became viral. She clarified that they (the meteorologists) had a Facebook group in which they shared what type of clothes to wear.

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April Warnecke Interview

Newscaster makes super awkward comments to meteorologist during live Arizona football coverage

When it comes to occupational hazards, a slip of the tongue is pretty standard for live TV newcasters.

Scott Pasmore from Good Morning Arizona was the epitome of such during a recent report on a game between the Arizona Diamondbacks and the University of Arizona’s Wildcats.

Throwing to meteorologist April Warnecke at the game, Pasmore and co-anchor Olivia Fierro were explaining how Warnecke is a fan of both teams, when Pasmore had a gaffe.

‘She’s all Diamondback up top, all Wildcat down below,’ Pasmore noted.

He then added, embarrassed: ‘So to speak. Something like that.

Fierro Wait then said, laughing:  ‘Wait a second … that was too much to say.’

In video of the live news report, Warnecke is seen laughing at first before appearing quite uncomfortable.

She then says: ‘That got really uncomfortable really fast.’

With the two women now pointing out what had happened, Pasmore is quick to backtrack and apologize for the slip.

‘Sorry … You guys are terrible,’ he says sheepishly.

Warnecke’s social media biography says that she is an avid football fan.

‘Meteorologist and mom. Wildcat and wife. Love hiking, fishing and eating. I wake up at 2am to forecast weather for Good Morning Arizona on 3TV,’ it says.

Source: dailymail.co.uk