Daryn Kagan(anchor) Bio, Age, Family, Husband, Net Worth, KTVK and CNN

Daryn Kagan Biography

Daryn Kagan(Daryn A. Kagan)is an American broadcast journalist, formerly a news anchor for CNN. From 1994 to 2006, she served as a CNN main anchor and correspondent based in CNN’s world headquarters of Atlanta, Georgia.

Daryn anchored CNN Live Today shown from (10am-12pm) Eastern Time for eight years. Kagan also served as host of the CNN/People magazine news entertainment program, People in the News, and earlier served as a CNN sports reporter and anchor. After leaving CNN, she launched DarynKagan.com.

Daryn Kagan Age

Daryn A. Kagan is an American broadcast journalist, formerly a news anchor for CNN. From 1994 to 2006, she served as a CNN main anchor and correspondent based in CNN’s world headquarters of Atlanta, Georgia. She was born on January 26. 1963 in Santa Barbara, CA. Kagan is 56 years old as of 2019.

Daryn Kagan Family

Kagan grew up in a secular Jewish family in Beverly Hills, California. She is a 1981 graduate of Beverly Hills High School where she ran cross-country and a 1985 graduate of Stanford University.

Her parents got divorced when she was young, so she started living with her father who was an insurance agent. Her Mother is named Phyllis Kagan.

Phyllis is a breast cancer survivor who has appeared on CNN discussing the disease. She has an older brother named Mark and a younger sister named Kallan. Her great-grandfather was a Russian immigrant named Eiser Cohen who came to the United States through Ellis Island.

Daryn Kagan Husband

Kagan is married to Tent Swanson. The couple married on September 16. 2012. She met Trent, also known as Mr. Summerfest, in a Summer Festival in 2011.

When the two met Trent was a single father raising his 12-year-old daughter since his wife died when she was just 8. Kagan also had adopted a daughter from the Big Brother/Big Sister Show.

The wedding ceremony was held by the waterfall in North Carolina in the presence of their two daughters and a photographer. Later Kagan was romantically involved with Rush Limbaugh(a radio talk show host). The affair lasted only for two years. They separated completely in February 2006.

Daryn Kagan Net Worth

Kagan is the Tree Swan Publishing, RLTV, and Cox Newspapers, reporter. She has an estimated net worth of $3 million dollars as of 2019. Also, she has great salary with high bonuses.

Daryn has earned from her websites as well and from the top-ranked TV and newspapers as well. She also has own cars and an expensive house in Los Angeles, California as well, besides this, she has also expensive two cars and also owns yachts too.

Daryn Kagan KTVK

After graduating from Stanford, she sent out hundreds of demo tapes. Kagan was hired for an on-air job at a Santa Barbara television station, KEYT-TV. Kagan’s next move was to a general assignment reporting position at KTVK in Phoenix.

Wanting to do something other than report typical local news stories, she took on the additional role of weekend sports anchor, reporting sports news each weekend in addition to her weekday reporting duties.

the Super Bowl, the NBA Playoffs, and international figure skating championships from Russia. Kagan was later hired from CNN Sports by CNN’s news division and became a main CNN news anchor and correspondent.

Daryn Kagan CNN

After becoming a CNN news anchor, she reported on presidential and mid-term elections. Kagan reported on-site from the Middle East during the second Gulf War and the Washington, D.C. sniper attack investigation.

The reporter traveled to Africa with musician Bono where she reported on AIDS and famine for all of the CNN networks. While in Africa, Kagan maintained a daily blog on CNN.com of her reports and experiences. Additionally, she reported live, from the red carpet, of several Academy Award ceremonies and from the Monterey Jazz Festival.

Kagan has been prank called three times on the air by Captain Janks from the Howard Stern show.

She is one of a handful of national news anchors who was on the air live during the terrorist attacks on the morning of September 11. 2001.

She reported throughout that day and, in later days, covered the unfolding story from CNN headquarters in Atlanta and from the network’s Washington, D.C. bureau.

After CNN declined to renew her employment contract, Kagan left CNN on September 1. 2006 to launch DarynKagan.com. In November 2006, she discussed leaving CNN for the first time with U.S News & World Report.

Daryn KaganThe Boston Globe

Kagan launched DarynKagan.com, on November 13. 2006. The Boston Globe has described Kagan’s site as having as “bucking the media tide with an emphasis on stories that illustrate the triumph of the human spirit.”

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, he discussed her career reinvention and said “I think it’s really important to be informed. I just also think it’s important to be inspired.”

Daryn Kagan Awards

Kagan’s post-CNN projects have been honored with awards that include the 2008 Gracie Award for Outstanding Documentary for her PBS film Breaking the Curse, as well as the Interactive Media Award for DarynKagan.com, which serves as the base of her media company.

Kagan produced and narrated the film, which told the present day story of one American woman fighting for those living with leprosy in India. Her’s first book, What’s Possible!, was released in 2008 by Meredith Books, and was described by the Associated Press as “stories about people who overcame obstacles to achieve dreams.”

Her next film, Solartown USA, about a Wisconsin town that made a commitment to solar power in the 1970s. Oprah Radio began to run DarynKagan.com content each day beginning in March 2009 on SIRIUS XM radio.

Daryn Kagan Radio and TV Talk

The Former CNN anchor made her debut appearance on Sunday as a commentator on the venerable “CBS Sunday Morning” news program. In the video, Kagan, who married a widower, did a Mother’s Day-themed talk about how her daughter was effectively raised by two moms.

The child’s bio-mom died when the girl was eight. Kagan has been with her for the past seven years. Jane Pauley, the host, introduced the piece, which thrilled Kagan.

“I have been trying to get in with them for two years and was told it was impossible,” said Kagan, a nationally syndicated columnist whose column was in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution for several years and an Atlanta-based CNN anchor from 1994 to 2006. “I was told it’s its own little fiefdom. You can’t get in.”

“CBS Sunday Morning” goes by its own pulse, a far cry from the fast-paced, Trump-obsessed cable news world. “It’s quality. It’s often uplifting, even the hard topics it looks at. And it’s long form,” she said. “It fills your spirit and puts you in the right mood on Sunday mornings.

“She needed to get a video in front of “CBS Sunday Morning” executive producer Rand Morrison, the gatekeeper. So she said she decided to take the “Field of Dreams” approach: build it and they will come.

Kagan bought a black bed sheet from Target and taped her own video about Mother’s Day. Now she needed to get it to Morrison but how? On Linkedin, she said she had five people in common with Morrison.

She reached out to one of them she thought just might help her out, a former boss of hers. And lucky her: they were good friends and he convinced Morrison to watch the video. Soon after, the “CBS Morning News” producers created the professional video that ended up airing on Sunday.

She is now in the door at “CBS Sunday Morning” and hopes to have more opportunities down the road to do commentaries. “They’ve asked for other suggestions so fingers crossed,” Kagan said. “That’s where I want to be. Do your dream job and stay in Atlanta. Check and check!”. Adopted from AJC on May 7.2018.

Daryn KaganBooks

2016- “Hope Possible”: A Network News Anchor’s Thoughts on Losing Her Job, Finding Love, a New Career, and My Dog, Always My Dog

2008 – “What’s Possible!” 50 True Stories of People Who Dared to Dream They Could Make a Difference