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Kaitlynn Fish Biography

Kaitlynn Fish is an Anchor at WHAS11 in Louisville, KY, specializing in Meteorology. After graduating from Louisiana State University with a degree in communications, she moved to New York City and spent five years working for Fox News Channel and CBS News as a producer and on-air contributor. While in New York, she experienced everything from Superstorm Sandy to the area’s annual nor’easters and heat waves.

In 2014 Kaitlynn decided to pursue her passion for weather and obtain her degree in meteorology. She will graduate from Mississippi State’s broadcast and operational meteorology program this Fall.

When she isn’t studying the weather, Kaitlynn loves to cook! No recipe is too challenging and Southern classics are her favorite. She collects cookbooks from everywhere she travels and can’t wait to try all of the restaurants around town! Have a good recipe? Send it to Kaitlynn and she’ll give it a shot!

Kaitlynn Fish Age

Her Exact Date of Birth Is Still Under Investigation.

Kaitlynn Fish Miss LSU

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) – She was crowned Miss LSU 2011 Sunday, but Tuesday evening a new queen was named. Turns out there was some confusion in reporting the scores. The misnamed queen says she’s disappointed, but she doesn’t want the title back.

Two days after the Miss LSU-USA pageant, Kaitlynn Fish has put away the dress that earned her the win. Contestant number 21 says getting the crown and sash on stage at the LSU Union Theatre was overwhelming.

“I started crying. I was extremely excited. Been a three year dream of mine,” said the junior.

The tears of joy have since dried. Hours after Sunday’s pageant, Kaitlynn was asked to return the crown.

“I got a phone call from the sponsor in charge of the pageant and advisors from Delta Zeta that there was a scoring mishap. And top five contestants report back to union,” said Fish.

She says she was told while her scores qualified her as number one, the judges never ranked her as the winner. Kaitlynn went from being named Miss LSU, to fourth place runner up. She says she gave Christina Famularo, the new named Miss LSU, the crown, sash and bracelet.

Delta Zeta Sorority sponsors the pageant. In a statement, Chapter Director Lauren Whitman said, “Delta Zeta sincerely apologizes for the confusion in reporting of the scores which led to crowning the incorrect contestant at the Miss LSU pageant Sunday evening.”

Kaitlynn Fish CBS

Orleans, Louisiana. At the end of collegeShe was offered the opportunity to intern for a national news outlet in Manhattan and never looked back. After working for a few years in New York and some intense soul-searching, She realized she didn’t enjoy the news she was reporting on and missed the scientific topics she truly loved studying. Was there something fish was passionate about that still involved news? Yes. Weather! I had experienced enough of it throughout my life. Kaitlynn then decided to go back to school for my degree in meteorology.

She was a teenager in New Orleans when Hurricane Katrina slammed their beloved city. Her family evacuated our home and had to leave my ailing father behind in a local hospital. They were reunited about a week after the storm, and he is doing well today. Hurricane Sandy and the blizzard that followed occurred during Her first month as a permanent resident of New York City. Fish has seen firsthand the devastation that storms can cause. All of this led Fish to Louisville and to a job she loves, where She can help people prepare for everyday life or for moments of extreme weather. from running around the city, but She’s also gotten a better sense of the weather. Training in the cold isn’t my favorite — I prefer the 70s and sunshine — but winter is an essential time to prep for spring races. There are days when I put on an extra layer and head out to run Cherokee Park, but I also rely on indoor cross-training like barre classes and yoga.

There are plenty of training plans online that help keeps you on track whether it is your first race or your 15th. The hardest part is that first run, but sticking with it is key, and the reward is unmatched. Being welcomed into Louisville’s fitness community is something I’ll forever be grateful for and hope to be a part of for years to come!

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