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Young Chop Biography.

Tyree Lamar Pittman is his birth name,  He was known by his stage name Young Chop. He is an American record producer, record executive, and a rapper. Young Chop gained widespread recognition within the American hip hop community for producing Chief Keef’s hits called I Don’t Like, Love Sosa and 3Hunna in 2012.

Young Chop is close with Chief Keef, late Fredo Santana, Lil Reese and many more. These rappers belong to a Chicago gang/collective popularly known as 3hunna, making drill music in which they generally rap about drug dealing, weapons, and their lifestyles. Unlike many of his associates, Young Chop has never been affiliated with a gang and has a completely clean criminal record.

Pittman grew up in the South Side of Chicago, Illinois. Pittman started making beats when he was 11 years old with the help of his cousin. He met Chief Keef on Facebook and went on to produce many of his songs. Young Chop is part of a production team collective called BandKamp which also includes producer and CEO BandKamp, Paris Beuller and intern WaldooBeatz, Chief Keef’s Back From The Dead was officially the first mixtape he produced. Young Chop recently started his own independent label called Chop Squad.

He has also started a website called, an online retail music production website where producers and engineers can purchase audio engineering and music production related products.

Young Chop Age.

Young Chop was born on November 14, 1993, in Chicago, Illinois, United States. He is 25 years old as of 2019.

Young Chop Education.

Young Chop gained notoriety and success while he was still in high school, says that he dropped out a few credits short of a diploma. Young Chop said that he finds out that the school is not for everybody. He said,” I don’t want to put any bad image on it…But the school wasn’t really for me. It’s not for everybody. That shit is not for everybody, bro. I’m telling you…I got a couple of friends that went to college and dropped out of that shit because…it wasn’t meant for them. That shit ain’t for everybody.”

Despite saying that it isn’t for everybody, he says that he understands the perks that come with education. Young Chop says that school really taught him a lot of shits. But as he got old as like 18 years, he asks himself on what he is doing in school yet the shit is not for him.

Young Chop is very closer to his mother who advised him to go back to school. He didn’t tell his mother about the shit of the school but he just went back to school. Young Chop went back to school to get his GED shit.

Young Chop Net Worth.

Young Chop estimated his net worth and it is around $ 2 million.

Young Chop Career.

He was in a team of producers that made songs for known Chicago rappers and the mixtape that was called Back from The Dead by Chief Keef who is the first one that he produced.

Today he is an owner of his own independent label of where he offers his product related to music production. Young Chop is very happy to continue with the business because it is going very well. He collaborated with Gucci Mane and Big Sean, huge artists. This gave his career a push and started to get more offers. He also relocates to Hollywood due to keeping his life private.

Young Chop Personal Life.

He does not share a lot about his personal life and he often relocates to keep his secrets private.

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