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Eric Weglarz Biography

Eric Weglarz is an American NBC5 First Alert Meteorologist. He joined the NBC5 First Alert Weather team in January 2018. In his spare time, Eric enjoys the outdoors as much as possible. He is an avid hiker and has reached the summit of Mt. Washington three years in a row. His goal is to successfully climb each of the 4,000+ foot mountains in the Presidential Range within the next couple of years. His interest in the impact of thunderstorms and tornadoes in New England has led him to conduct several storm chasing campaigns, which he looks to continue.

Eric Weglarz Age

Weglarz was born on 03/10/1967. He is 52 years old as of 2019.

Eric Weglarz Personal Life

Eric grew up in the quiet town of Haddam, Connecticut, where he rapidly developed at a young age a fascination for the myriad of weather New England has to offer. Apparently, information about his personal life has not yet been disclosed.

Eric Weglarz Education

Eric is an alum of Lyndon’s meteorology and electronic journalism programs. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin- Madison with BS, Electrical and Computer Engineering and later earned his masters from the same university.

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Eric Weglarz Career

Eric Weglarz is an American NBC5 First Alert Meteorologist. He joined the NBC5 First Alert Weather team in January 2018.

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Eric Weglarz  NBC5

Eric Weglarz is an American NBC5 First Alert Meteorologist. He joined the NBC5 First Alert Weather team in January 2018.

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Eric Weglarz News

Published: July 19, 2019


MANCHESTER – WMUR announced on Thursday it has hired Eric Weglarz to the Storm Watch, 9 weather team. Weglarz will join the weekend evening news team working with anchors Cherise Leclerc and Mike Cronin and sports anchor Jason King. WMUR meteorologist Hayley Lapoint will move to weekend mornings and join anchor Amy Coveno. Mr. Weglarz started his television career at WPTZ-TV in NY/Burlington, Vt. He grew up in Haddam, Conn., and attended Lyndon State College in Vermont where he earned a bachelor’s degree in meteorology with a focus on both television and computer modeling.

Our latest intrusion of Arctic air into the region has been much kinder than earlier this winter: less wind, slightly warmer temperatures, and plenty of sunshine! Coincident with this intrusion, we recently received some really interesting pictures of a phenomenon you may have seen before: light pillars.

What are light pillars, and how exactly are they formed? A light pillar is an atmospheric optical phenomenon (belongs to the halo family), in which a vertical column of light appears to radiate directly above and/or below a light source. I use the phrase “light source” here because there are different types of sources that can create this phenomenon.

The pictures Janeen took in Plattsburgh show multi-colored pillars forming near artificial lights. The orange pillars form from sodium-vapor lights and the white pillars from LED lights. You also might see similar columns of light at sunrise, sunset, or even near the moon! These are called sun/moon pillars. So how are they formed? Besides a light source, the main component to this impressive optical phenomenon is ice crystals suspended in the sky near the Earth’s surface.

As shown in the diagram above, millions of flat, hexagonal (plate) ice crystals are present when a pillar forms. In order for these crystals to linger just above the ground, it has to be quite a cold outside (10°F or colder). These plates are oriented such that they act like tiny mirrors to reflect the light towards the viewer. The larger the ice crystals, the more impressive the light pillar becomes!

Crystals found further up in the atmosphere make the pillar taller as well. Why do these pillars appear to extend directly above/below the light source, as seen in Janeen’s pictures? Believe it or not, this is actually an optical illusion. Our eyes (even camera lenses) are tricked by the reflections, and we view this as shafts of light extending into the sky.