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Brittani DuBose Biography

Brittani DuBose is an American meteorologist at FOX13 Memphis since July 2015. She also does daily forecasts through Twitter and Facebook as a better way to reach her viewers during the workweek. You can catch her on weekend mornings from 6-8, and Monday and Tuesday 4:30-6 and 11.

In her spare time, Brittani loves to read and watch sports. Oh, and eat. Because of this, she had a love/hate relationship with the treadmill. She is happy to be back home in the 901 and hopes to be a positive influence on girls across the Mid South.

Brittani DuBose Age

Brittani DuBose age is under review but we will get to update you very in due time because as for now we have no information about her age.

Brittani DuBose Net worth

Brittani DuBose has an estimated net worth of $ 5 million dollars as of 2019. She has all this huge amount of income earned from her work as a meteorologist.

Brittani DuBose Education

Brittani DuBose graduated from Collierville High School, Brittani spent four years studying journalism at the University of Tennessee. A geography class renewed her interest in weather. When Brittani graduated from UT, she set her eyes on Mississippi State, where she received her second degree in Geoscience.

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Brittani DuBose Meteorologist|Fox13

Brittani DuBose joined FOX13 in July 2015 as a meteorologist. She calls Tennessee her home, as she has lived in both Knoxville and Collierville for most of her life. If you ask Brittani why she got into meteorology, she’ll tell you it’s because of her fear of tornadoes when she was younger.

Brittani DuBose is a meteorologist at FOX13 Memphis. She also does daily forecasts through Twitter and Facebook as a better way to reach her viewers during the workweek. You can catch her on weekend mornings from 6-8, and Monday and Tuesday 4:30-6 and 11.

Originally from Knoxville, TN, Brittani always loved weather and sports. When her family moved across the state to Memphis, she quickly realized how much she missed her friends and the mountains. After graduating high school, Brittani packed her bags and moved back to Knoxville to attend the University of Tennessee.

After an amazing 4 years of Tennessee athletics (in her opinion), she graduated with a degree in Sports Broadcasting (GO VOLS!). But something was missing. Brittani knew she would always love sports, but she also wanted to learn more about the dynamics of weather.

Mississippi State University became Brittani’s second home, where she learned more about our atmosphere. After 2 short years with plenty of memories and much laughter spent with new friends, Brittani received her degree. With her talent for conversation, Brittani was able to add a fun and relatable aspect to weathercasts.

Is Brittani DuBose Mother Sick

Brittani DuBose talks about a person when is diagnosed with cancer because her whole circle of family and friends are also affected by the disease. In fact, one of our WCTV family members knows that feeling first-hand. Every week, meteorologist Brittani DuBose comes into your homes to share the forecast. Now, she’s sharing a very personal story.

“You have to be brutally honest with people. Cancer isn’t pretty. It’s not going to be roses. You’re going to cry. You’re not going to sleep. It’s just going to be ugly. But if you know that in advance, maybe it’ll be a little bit better for you. That you can make it through,” Brittani said.

Brittani’s mother, Rhoda, was diagnosed six years ago with an aggressive form of breast cancer. “To hear that she had cancer was, I think it was the worst thing that’s probably ever happened to me in my life,” Brittani said.

Brittani said at first, her family was in denial because Rhoda’s family had no history of the disease. “It became real when she had to go to chemo and it became real when a couple of days later, she was really sick,” Brittani said.

For four years, Brittani said her mom put up an amazing fight. Through surgeries to remove one of her breasts, chemo, and radiation, she always remained positive. But unfortunately, cancer kept coming back. So after her graduation from college, she took a year off to spend time with her mom.

“During that year, I went to every single chemo with her. I sat there. I held her hand and so when she felt sick a couple of days she holds her hand and putting ice on her,” Brittani said. In the summer of 2012, a day after Brittani’s 24th birthday, Rhoda lost her battle with breast cancer at the age of 48.

Brittani said seeing her mom sick forever changed her as a person. “I think it makes you more understanding and more humble. And it makes you love people a little bit more,” Brittani said. Brittani’s only regret, her mom never got to see her on TV doing what she loves. “She’s always going to be my biggest hero and I love her,” Brittani said.

Brittani said she hopes other women will see her mom’s story and take the time to get a mammogram or do a self-exam. Brittani talks more about what it’s like to be a family member seeing their loved one going through cancer. To see more of the raw interview click above.

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