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Jim Cathcart Biography

Jim Cathcart is an American entrepreneur, speaker, and author.  He was born on September 29, 1946, in Little Rock, AR, USA. Cathcart has authored 18 books. The popular ones include Relationship Selling and The Acorn Principle.

Cathcart has recorded numerous programs while traveling internationally, to provide speeches at seminars, conferences, and workshops. He is a TEDx presenter and serves as a strategic advisor and consultant.

Jim Cathcart is the original author and creator of the concept of Relationship Selling. He is a Certified Speaking Professional from the National Speakers Association. He can be seen daily on Thrive15.com and TSTN.com. He also gives weekly radio interviews. Cathcart has been published and quoted in numerous media outlets.

Cathcart is a graduate of Arkansas Military Academy and attended the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. He is also a musician being a singer, songwriter, and guitarist. Cathcart has served as an Artist in Residence for High Point University and serves on the Dean’s Advisory Council to the School of Management at California Lutheran University. He is also the first Entrepreneur in Residence, at the university.

He is also a former board member of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Conejo Valley. In 1975-77, he served as the Senior Program Manager for Individual Development programs for the United States Junior Chamber of Commerce, The Jaycees.

Jim Cathcart Speaker

For three years in a row, Jim Cathcart has been selected as one of the Top 5 Speakers on Sales & Service in an online survey of over 13,000 people. With over 35 years of professional speaking around the world, Jim Cathcart is one of the best known and most award-winning motivational speakers in the business. He has delivered more than 2,700 presentations to audiences in every state of the US, most provinces of Canada and countries from Scotland to Singapore.

Some of his most recent international engagements were for thousands of business leaders in Bogota’, Colombia; Costa Rica; Panama; Warsaw, Poland; Santiago, Chile, and Macau, China! A business strategist, psychological researcher, and philosopher at heart, Jim is also a down to earth regular guy. He has worked in warehouses, driven trucks, sold donuts door to door, been a bank teller, plays guitar in night clubs and pubs, and has toured much of the world on a motorcycle.

Jim Cathcart Speaker

Jim was an insurance agent for many years, an Army officer and a bill collector who, while in his twenties, had to repossess log trucks in the mountains of northern Arkansas. From this varied background, he decided to become an authority on the subject of motivation in 1972. Through decades of dedication, study and hard work, he made it happen.

After hearing Earl Nightingale on the radio one day in 1972, Jim was inspired to change his life. While working as a government clerk in the Housing Authority he determined to learn psychology and master the process of self-improvement.

Through years of fanatical dedication to this quest, he learned new skills, became a certified trainer for a variety of programs, read stacks of books, attended countless seminars and volunteered thousands of hours to civic organizations. In this process, he moved from clerk to manager, to salesperson, to leader, to trainer, to author and professional speaker.

Today he is listed in the Professional Speaker Hall of Fame, is a recipient of the prestigious Golden Gavel Award, has been the president of the National Speakers Association and received the Cavett Award for a lifetime of service. He has authored 16 books and scores of recorded programs. In 2007 he was listed as one of The Top 100 Minds on Personal Development by Leadership Excellence magazine.

The San Diego chapter of the National Speakers Association renamed their member of the year award “The Jim Cathcart Service Award” and the Greater Los Angeles chapter gave Jim the Lifetime Achievement Award in 2003.

In 2008 he was inducted as one of the “Legends of the Speaking Profession.” And in 2010, 2011 & 2012 he was selected as one of the Top 5 Sales & Customer Service Speakers by Speaking.com.

Jim Cathcart Books

Jim Cathcart is the author of 20 books including the international bestsellers: The Acorn Principle published by St. Martin’s Press and Relationship Selling published by Leading Authorities Press, Macmillan, and Advantage Quest. The other best selling book is The Self Motivation Handbook published by Motivational Press.

The books he has written are:

  • The Acorn Principle – 1998
  • The self Motivation Handbook – 2018
  • Relationship Selling – 1988
  • Be Your Own Sales Manager – 1990
  • Relationship Strategies – 1986
  • Connect Ability – 2005
  • The 8 Competencies of Relationship Selling – 2002
  • The business of Selling – 1984
  • Connecting with your Customer – 2007
  • Vender Por Objetivos – 1983
  • How to Deal With The Differences in people – 1988
  • Getting Things Done – 2008
  • Introduction to Relationship Selling – 2007
  • Sales Psychology – 2007
  • The Sales Professional’s Idea-a-day Guide – 1996
  • Getting the Sale – 2008
  • Finding the Buyers – 2007
  • Sales Readiness – 2007
  • Sales Presentations – 2008
  • The Power Minute – 2019

Jim Cathcart Ted Talk

In his Ted Talk,  Jim Cathcart explains how to believe in yourself. Jim asks his listeners a powerful question: “How would the person I’d like to be, do the things I’m about to do?” He goes on to give 3 steps that can turn things around. That is respect, know and apply your nature.

This is a summary of the Ted Talk by Jim Cathcart.

“Somewhere deep inside you know what kind of person you were gonna be if you want to produce great acorns thinks like an oak, not like an acorn, think like the person you intend to become, like the Christian question what will Jesus do? Ask yourself how would the person I’d like to do the thing I am about to do. The acorn has three parts, it’s got a stem, a cap, and a seed.

Jim Cathcart Speaker Agency

The stem represent it’s a connection to the pass, all the acorn and all the oak that ever exist in its line before is encoded through that stem, legacy into this acorn.

The cap holds on to the seed, until the seed ready to go on its own, so the cap represents your coaches, your mentor your role model your guides your parents your friends your teachers, and when you’re ready to grow on your own, the seed of that acorn holds not only your potential but the potential of every future generation of acorns that will spring from that line.

We’re passing along the right imprint for the next generation, and that’s just simply my life philosophy, that’s the way I look at it. He says if you will spend one extra hour each day studying your chosen field you’ll be a national expert in that field in five years or less, that hit me like a tornado, it rearranges everything in my life.

I started doing the math, an hour a day, say five days a week, fifty weeks a year, that’s twelve hundred and fifty hours in five years.” For more on how to believe in yourself, by Jim Cathcart click here.

Jim Cathcart Quotes

Jim Cathcart is well known for his 4 popular quotes. “The person you see is the person you will be,” the second is “How would the person I’d like to be, do the things I’m about to do?”. The other quote which is the third is “Nurture your nature.” The fourth is “Think like the person you intend to become.”

Jim Cathcart Speech

Strategic Advisor, Jim Cathcart is president of Cathcart Institute, Inc. and one of the world’s leading professional speakers. For more information on booking Jim as your speaker, hire him for consultation, private coaching or schedule him for an interview, click on this link.