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Jennifer Delacruz Bi0graphy

Jennifer Delacruz is born on 03/11/1983. She comes to 10News as a reporter and weather anchor after spending two years. It was at KGUN9 in Tucson, Arizona. There During her time there. She covered everything from breaking news. She had a cold case investigation to Snoop Dogg and Senator John McCain.

Jennifer Delacruz Age

Delacruz was on 03/11/1983. She has an age of 36 years old. She was born and raised in Miami.

Jennifer Delacruz  Education

Jennifer studied Mass Media Communications at Florida State University. She is a proud Seminole football fan.  There In her spare time. She enjoys cheering on her South Florida sports teams and going on a good shopping spree.

Jennifer Delacruz ABC10 News

Jennifer was eventually given the opportunity to start filling in for the weather . She had already fallen in love with the challenge.  Then Jennifer forecasted a range of weather conditions. They all including record-breaking heat in the Sonoran desert to hurricanes moving in from the South Pacific.  Then She also spent time filling in at the sports desk.

Jennifer covering highlights from the 2016 World Series. She had NCAA football. She was born and raised in Miami. As in  Florida where she grew up catching the sun on South Beach and boating in the Florida Keys.

She had reported on news concerning beaches.  The Good reminder heading into the holiday. This video shows how the flow moves directly away from the beach. There If you’re caught in a rip. She could swim parallel to shore until you’re out of the beach. That is the beach is typically packed every Memorial Day Weekend but not today. Therefore my apologies to all the tourists who are very disappointed.  It is what tomorrow should be better.

Jennifer Delacruz Net Worth

She has a net worth of 5.1 million. Jennifer had earned this amount of money form reporter and weather anchor. There she could spend her time enjoying it. She spends leisure time traveling. Then also lives a luxuries life.

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