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Stacey Sager Biography

Stacey Sager is born on 09/16/1972. She is an American broadcaster. Stacey’s first on-air job in television. She was at a small station in Bangor, Maine. Stacey then reported at WNEP-TV in Scranton. The Pennsylvania and WJAR-TV in Providence, Rhode Island.


Stacey Sager Age

Sager was born on 09/16/1972. She has 47 years old.

Stacey Sager Education

Stacey is A New York native. She has lived and studied in Boston. Therefore Washington, D.C. Born in Flushing, Queens. She grew up primarily in Dix Hills. Stacey went to Tufts University. She majoring in political science. Later earned a master’s degree in broadcast journalism. This is from the Medill School of Northwestern University. She holds American nationality.

Stacey begins her career. She has received numerous Emmy nominations. She was awarded the statue for her coverage of the 2007 steampipe explosion in midtown Manhattan. Sager and her crew were among the first to arrive. Stacey remained on the scene for hours during live coverage. She is also a recipient of the prestigious Michael P. Metcalf Media Award. It was from the National Conference of Christians and Jews.


Stacey Sager ABC 7

The spring in 1999. She completed a revealing Eyewitness News special. This was on how she was diagnosed with breast cancer at the young age of 30.   Therefore It was unique. She was the first-person account of the tough decision-making process. This is what they faced by young women in crisis.

Indeed in 2011 spring. Stacey faced yet another cancer diagnosis.  The Doctors discovered pre-invasive cancer. It is in the lining of her fallopian tubes. Stacey was also diagnosed with a genetic mutation for breast and ovarian cancer. Stacey decided once again to take viewers on her journey through surgery. There the decisions that followed. She urging women at risk to get screened for genetic mutations that cause these cancers.  She had Fully recovered. Then Stacey has made it a mission to inspire women to get out and get screened.

Stacey reported on breaking news. She has been honored with numerous humanitarian awards. Stacey was cited for her volunteer work with the American Cancer Society. Stacey also works extensively with organizations such as TEALWALK and the Basser Center. This is dedicated to helping women with ovarian cancer and BRCA-related cancers. Stacey has co-hosted Channel 7’s annual Emmy Award-winning breast cancer specials. She is an avid promoter and participant in the American Cancer Society’s annual “Making Strides Against Breast Cancer” walk. Stacey raises millions of dollars for breast cancer awareness and research. It is an issue that will be near The dear to her heart. She as is the many stories she covers on women’s issues in general.

Stacey Sager Net Worth

Stacey has net worth is over millions. Then as her husband, Craig Sager had a net worth of  9.5 million.  Additionally, the exact amount of her net worth is not yet known.

Stacey Sager Husband

Stacey was married to a sports reporter named Craig Sager in the year 2000. They have two children together named Riley and Ryan. Furthermore, the two daughters.

Her 62 years old husband. He was diagnosed with acute leukemia in 2014. Stacy’s son underwent a long test to determine. She was if he could be a match for a bone marrow transplant. Then that his father was in need which ended up being matched.

There she loved her husband very much. When her husband got diagnosed with leukemia. Then Stacy appeared everywhere. she could be with her husband following Craig’s diagnosis. there  During those times. Sager slept outside her husband’s room. This is as the stress took a toll on Stacy during Craig’s treatment.


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