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Amy Hollyfield Biography

Amy Hollyfield is an American professional reporter for ABC7. Hollyfield reports for ABC7 Morning News on weekdays from 4:30am – 7:30am.

Amy Hollyfield Age and Personal Life

Amy was born in the year 1983. She is 36 years as of 2019. Amy and her husband lived in San Francisco for ten years and loved it. While there Amy was very involved in the Junior League and also served on the Edgewood Auxiliary. The needs of their two kids have recently pushed us out to the suburbs. Life is quite different now she is learning about tennis and the PTA!

She says that she is enjoying the weather and the new friends but of course miss many things about the city. “Fortunately, my commute isn’t too bad at 3 o’clock in the morning!”

Amy Hollyfield ABC7 Career

Amy starts her day by; “Good Morning ABC7 News viewers!” She says that she is happy to say that’s typically how she starts her day each morning, bringing people the news.

She has been with ABC7 News since 2001. She moved here from her home of Austin, Texas where she worked at the ABC affiliate. Amy and her husband decided a move here would be a fun adventure. The couple has however always planned to move back to Texas. But alas, the Bay Area is a special place that has stolen their hearts and they now happily call it home.

As a morning news general assignment reporter, Amy Hollyfield covers such a wide range of stories. Amy was nominated for an Emmy for our coverage on the Napa Earthquake. Most of the high profile crime stories she has been on include the Lacy Peterson case, the disappearance and murder of Sandra Cantu and the discovery of Jaycee Dugard. She traveled to Cleveland to cover the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals and have also covered both World Series wins, go Giants!

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In the world of politics, she was there for the legalization of gay marriage in San Francisco and the domestic violence case involving Ross Mirkarimi. Viewers can also find her in the middle of inclement weather, a car accident scene…basically; when the newsroom calls and says go; I go! Before arriving in the Bay Area, Amy Hollyfield worked in Lubbock, Texas, Kalispell, Montana, Tyler, Texas and of course Austin.

While she was still in Austin Amy experienced her most memorable news moment. She did a series of exclusive investigations and was the only reporter to uncover the fact that two men were serving life terms for a murder they did not commit. Amy Hollyfield received an Associated Press Award for the stories, but it was the day that Richard Danzinger and Chris Ochoa walked out of prison that was the true reward.

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