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Stone Phillips Biography

Stone Phillips (Stockton) is an American television reporter and correspondent. He is best known as the former co-anchor of Dateline NBC, a news magazine TV series. He also has worked as a substitute anchor for NBC Nightly News and Today and as a substitute moderator on Meet the Press.

Stone Phillips Age

He was born on 2 December 1954, He is currently 64 years old. He was born in Texas City, Texas, United States.

Stone Phillips Alzheimer’s

Stone Phillips, a former television news anchor and war correspondent, made a film about his mother in the late early stages of Alzheimer’s called “Moving With Grace.”

Stone Phillips Education

Stone Stockton Phillips was born in Texas City, Texas, in 1954. His father was a chemical engineer and veteran of World War II, and his mother was a school teacher. They raised him in Ballwin, Missouri, where he was an acolyte at St. Martin’s Episcopal Church, of which they were founding members. When Phillips was in high school, he was an honor student and the starting quarterback on his football team. These early interests would stick with Phillips, shaping his career to this day.

Phillips continued to excel after enrolling at Yale University. In 1976 he was the starting quarterback for their Bulldogs, helping to win that year’s Ivy League Football Championship. He also won Yale’s F. Gordon Brown Award, for his academic and athletic leadership skills. A member of Yale’s Scroll and Key secret society, Phillips graduated with honors in 1977, having earned a bachelor’s degree in philosophy.

Stone Phillips

Stone Phillips Work at ABC

Initially, after graduation, Phillips worked as a teacher at the Fulton County Juvenile Detention Center, in Atlanta, Georgia, in addition to moonlighting as a waiter. Eventually, he secured a position at WXIA-TV, the local NBC affiliate. In 1980, Phillips was hired by ABC News as an assignment editor in Washington, D.C.

This was yet another impressive achievement, as Phillips had been working for WXIA-TV for less than two years. Starting in 1982, Phillips began working as an on-air correspondent for ABC. Among the most notable events, he provided coverage for were the Vietnamese Exodus, Rajiv Gandhi’s campaign for Prime Minister of India, and the Lebanese War.

Phillips was promoted to a permanent position on the ABC news series 20/20, in addition to becoming a sports anchor for World News Sunday, and substitute host of Good Morning America. While there, he provided reports on a variety of topics, from football to international espionage, working with notable journalists Barbara Walters and Hugh Downs.

Stone Phillips Wife / Children

A renowned American television personality Stone Phillips has made his name in the field of news anchoring and Correspondent. He currently lives in New York with his wife, Debra Phillips. His wife, Debra is a famous and award-winning sculptural artist.

The couple is blessed with a son named Streeter Phillips born in 1988. Later in 1995, they lost a daughter just a day after birth. According to the physician’s report, the baby was born prematurely which made her unable to survive for even a day. After facing the loss of the second child, the couple intended to adopt a child in later years.

Currently, the couple is happily residing in New York without any signs of divorce or separation. So far, he has not linked any sort of affair with any woman. Until now, there is no information about his past and present relationship affairs.

Stone Phillips Net Worth

Being one of the most accomplished American television news anchors, Phillips earned a large sum of fortune from his professional career. As of 2019, his net worth is estimated to be around $15 million. Further, he has a $7 million contract with NBC. As per some source, NBC news anchors earn around $33,000 to $129,500 annually as their salary. Being a qualitative reporter of NBC, he probably earns a good amount as his salary.

Previously, Phillip served as their News Correspondent Coving TV program, 20/20, and World News tonight at ABC News. Of course, he was likely helped by the revenue from his prior job at ABC to collect such net worth.

Stone Phillips Moves to NBC, Works on Dateline

Phillips left to join NBC News after 12 years with ABC to serve as co-anchor of their new series, Dateline NBC. Working with Jane Pauley, Phillips performed a large number of important program interviews.

He interviewed Russian President Boris Yeltsin, serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, and performed Lynndie England’s first network interview on her role in the now-famous Abu Ghraib prison scandal. His interview with Bernhard Goetz, who shot four adolescents on a New York City subway train, won Phillips ‘ “Outstanding Interview” award for Emmy.

In 2005, comedian Stephen Colbert brought Stone Phillips on as a guest for the premiere episode of The Colbert Report, where Colbert credited the “gravitas” of the anchor as an inspiration for Colbert’s iconic persona to develop for his show. This shows how important Stone Phillips has been, not only to those who have watched his show but to others who have reported on current events.

Stone Phillips Leaves NBC

Unfortunately, in 2007, NBC chose not to renew the contract for Stone Phillips, allegedly because of budget reductions. While the reporter has created several pieces for PBS since then, most of his attempts appear to be focused on his website, Stone Phillips Reports. A bare-bones website Phillips runs himself, Stone Phillips Reports currently has two self-produced pieces.

The first is a report on the latest research in youth soccer players on head injuries. While Phillips paid for and created “Hard Hits, Hard Numbers,” it was also syndicated on the NewsHour show of PBS. Phillips said he didn’t plan to broadcast it, and he valued the content produced for his own website. “The excellent thing about the Internet,” he said, “is I can do it the way I do it.

Stone Phillips The Loss of a Daughter!

Indeed, the one-time reporter is a married guy. His wife’s name is Debra Del Toro-Phillips, a Puerto Rican, a degree in social work and good fashion career. The pair once had two kids, a son, and a daughter. Their son Streeter Phillips was born in 1988, and their daughter was born in August 1995, but unfortunately, she did not survive in that year.

Phillips is currently living with his spouse and kids in New York. Although he didn’t like the extravagant lifestyle he had, with his website and his family on his side. No rumors about the divorce of the couple and about their child; he is living a happy and healthy life.

Stone Phillips Award

Stone is the proud holder of an Emmy Award for Outstanding Interview, thanks to his skillful on-camera conversation with the said Bernhard Goetz, the murderer who shot four African-American teenagers in the New York City Subway. He also interviewed Lynndie England, a US army soldier who spoke about the Abu Ghraib prison scandal, concerning various alleged human rights violations committed by the US army and the CIA against the detainees of the said prison in Iraq.

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