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Karen Leigh Biography

Karen Leigh is an American journalist who is a 4 time Emmy winner with more than 20 years of experience.

She is an Arkansas native and she is best known for her show, Together with Karen Leigh. The show is a 30 minutes show that’s entirely dedicated to the good going on next door.

Here are some facts about Karen;

Position: News Anchor
Year hired: 2008
Alma Mater: Arkansas State University
Most memorable interview: A young woman who survived a lifetime of physical/mental abuse by her adoptive parents … she was amazing!
Dream interview: It would have to be Oprah. I love her.
Role model: Jesus Christ
Dream job: I’m doing it!
The job you would never attempt: lion tamer
Star sign: Gemini
First TV appearance: college tv station
Why I am a journalist: I’m curious, and I like to learn new things.
Hidden talent: still hiding!
Hometown: Little Rock
Number of children: 1
Hobbies: playing with my daughter and dogs, yard work, jogging, golf, and reading.
Favorite food: A good pulled pork sandwich
Number of siblings: 1
Number of pets: 2 dogs
Favorite sports team: Broncos/Arkansas Razorbacks
Favorite vacation spot: anywhere hot with a beach
What one word best describes CBS4: a well-oiled machine
Least favorite household chore: ironing
Favorite word: hope
Least favorite words: anything negative
Favorite noise: my daughter’s laughter
Least favorite noise: screeching tires with a car horn
Favorite music: Sara Bareilles – Brave
What keeps you in Colorado? My job and the sunshine!
What’s the biggest risk you’ve taken? Moving 7 times in my career
Who would play you in a movie? Sandra Bullock

Karen Age

Information about her age will be updated soon.

Karen Leigh

Leigh Husband | Karen Leigh Is She Married | is Karen Leigh CBS4 Married

She is a married woman because, on her Facebook page, she wrote that she surprised her husband with a trip on his birthday and they had fun together.

Leigh Career | Karen Leigh CBS4 | Together with Karen Leigh

She is the host of Together with Karen Leigh. This is a 30 mins show that’s entirely dedicated to the good going next door to you. Back in 2008, when she landed in DIA, she knew she was home. She accepts all the challenges that come with the TV business.

In her career, she has covered floods, tornadoes, wildfires, the Aurora theater shooting and most recently traveled to California for Super Bowl 50 for week-long coverage on our beloved Broncos and their remarkable win. She has also covered Peyton Manning on the memorable year preceding his retirement.

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‘Together With Leigh’ Show 5/10 & 5/12

Article by Karen

China Confirms Arrests of Canadians Detained Amid Huawei Dispute

Source; bloombergquint.com

China has formally arrested two Canadians detained since December, in cases that have further strained tensions between the countries. Michael Kovrig, who works for the International Crisis Group, and entrepreneur Michael Spavor “were arrested in accordance with the law,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang told regular news briefing Thursday in Beijing. Kovrig was arrested on suspicion of stealing state secrets for foreign entities, Lu said.

The arrests took place “recently” with approval of Chinese prosecutors, Lu said, without elaborating. Canada’s Globe and Mail newspaper reported the arrests earlier Thursday and said the men had been moved from residential surveillance at an unknown location to an official detention center.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, speaking to reporters in Paris, called the detentions and arrests an “unacceptable act” by the Chinese government. “We will consistently and always stand up for Canadians, including these Canadians, who have been arbitrarily detained,” Trudeau said.

A news portal run by China’s Central Political and Legal Affairs Commission previously accused Kovrig — on leave from Canada’s foreign service — of spying and stealing state secrets while employed by the International Crisis Group. Spavor was his primary contact and supplied him with intelligence, the site said.

The men were detained separately days after the arrest of Huawei Technologies Co. Chief Financial Officer Meng Wanzhou in Vancouver on an American extradition request. They have since languished in China’s opaque legal system, allowed sporadic visits by Canadian authorities but denied access to lawyers.

The confirmation of the arrests comes amid escalating tensions between China and the U.S. over Huawei. President Donald Trump this week moved to restrict Huawei’s ability to do business with U.S. companies. Ongoing trade talks between the two sides stalled last week, and Trump has moved to slap billions of dollars of new tariffs on Chinese goods.

Held in isolation, the two Canadians were questioned multiple times a day and unable to turn off the lights in their cells, Bloomberg reported in December. Canada sees the interrogation of Kovrig as violating the Vienna Convention — to which China is a signatory — that confers ongoing immunity for that period in his life.

“We must inform Canada that China is legally enforcing and arresting two Canadian citizens,” Lu said Thursday. “China has always acted in accordance with the law, and we hope that Canada will not make irresponsible remarks on China’s rule of law and judicial handling of cases.”

Trudeau disagreed. “The Chinese government is not following the same kind of rules and principles that the large majority of democracies follow with regard to rules-based order and international relations,” the Canadian prime minister said.